• It Has a Deeper Well of In-House Expertise.
    Through collaboration with strategic partners -
    who have diverse and specialized skill sets-
    gives the agency a significantly higher level of
    expertise than your organization may have in-

  • It is Not Under Any Internal Pressure to “Sell
    You" on a Specific Kind of Media, TV, Radio
    Print and Digital marketing reps are under
    pressure to sell their product regardless
    whether it’s a good fit for You” your brand or
Why Hire an Advertising Agency?  
  • It Can Negotiate Lower Media Rates due to the
    sheer volume of its daily media buying

  • It Can Be a Buffer Between Your Organization
    and the Hordes of Media Sales Reps vying for
    your business. This removes unwanted
    pressure and time-spent listening to every pitch.

  • It Can Be More Objective When Planning a
    Media Mix and will make the best possible
    decisions based on your goals, expectations,
    and budget.
Why Hire Quinntessential Media?
  • We have strong and long-lasting relationships with media
    outlets both locally and nationally.

  • Our media professionals are highly specialized media planning,
    production and placement. We are well-versed in radio,
    television, print, digital, social media, and outdoor advertising.

  • As a group, we establish clear goals, monitor performance as
    well as results treating every dollar invested on our clients’
    behalf as if it were our own.
John Quinn
Quinntessential Media, LLC

Quinntessential Media