Our Team Is Well-Versed In:
  • Creating fresh, clear, and memorable
    ways to tell your story using a creative
    team, while maintaining constant client

  • Evaluating, negotiating, implementing
    and optimizing integrated campaigns.

  • Analyzing client sales and other
    performance metrics to ensure all
    campaign tactics are meeting client

  • Managing numerous programmatic
    display and social media campaigns.

  • Buying in-depth through Demand Side
    and Supply Side-Side platforms.
  • Providing combined research and
    planning capabilities and unmatched
    negotiation skills to develop unique,
    cost-effective solutions.

  • Utilizing leading media research tools
    (e.g. Nielsen, Scarborough, SQUAD,
    Simmons, Brand Tracker, Claritas and

  • Implementing on-going in-flight
    analysis of media placement -100%
    posting on every flight.

  • Reconciling all media elements,
    including ratings, post analysis and
Navigating the Media Maze:
Broadcast Television is THE medium
for branding and changing behavior.
Broadcast television reaches 93% of
the adult population every day. No
other medium can claim this kind of
influence but Television is no longer a
solitary screen standing in the center
of the living room.
Radio is the best medium for frequency.
It performs well when promoting
time-sensitive campaigns or events.
Cable Television reaches only
about 1% of the local audience that
broadcast stations deliver and
seldom garners enough audience
share to even show up in individual
Nielsen Ratings’ surveys. For a  
campaign to be successful, the
ads/PSAs would have to be placed
on a national level. Like
Radio, Cable TV can be
good for frequency, but
it should never be used
for reach.
John Quinn
Quinntessential Media, LLC

Quinntessential Media
Social Media
Digital Media is the wave of the future;
and the future is now. Search engines
have replaced the Yellow Pages and
Social Media has become the new
“word of mouth" advertising. Television
is viewed on 4 different screens. In the
Digital Age, the key challenge is to
decide which media mix and messaging
strategy will generate maximum impact.
Quinntessential Media