Growing for Our Future:
Society of American Foresters (SAF)
The Society of American Foresters (SAF)
tapped John Quinn in 2000 as the national
media consultant for the nonprofit’s
centennial. The resulting public and media
communications plan increased  public
awareness of the Society, its issues and
showcased the nonprofit organization’s
historic first 100 years.  

The three-year strategy was comprised of  
several regional time lines and recommended
necessary media including production
companies and other vendors to implement
the communications plan.​

Results: The campaign culminated with
increased public awareness of SAF and
forestry issues.  It  generated considerable
local and national media exposure including
interviews on radio talk shows, in key
markets, with key  SAF representatives. The
negotiated PSA airtime on radio & television
stations reached  nearly 100  markets and  
delivered an estimated media value of over

2 million dollars.
Quinntessential Media
John Quinn
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