What is Digital Media?
It is a form of advertising that runs over
the Internet (desktop, mobile, tablet,
Smart TV).

This media can be purchased directly
through web sites or 3rd Party

Quinntessential Media purchases
digital display media programmatically.

Programmatic buying means that
Quinntessential Media sets out criteria
to target an ideal consumer (supporter)
across multiple sites, apps or OTT
Online networks (accessed via desktop,
mobile, tablet) that allow the creating
and sharing of information via virtual
communities across the internet.

Organic content –content created by
users that is disseminated across social
networking platforms at no cost.

Paid Content –contentment created by
users designed to reach a specific
audience to encourage a desired
response i.e. make a donation or
support a cause.

Quinntessential Media monitors
social media platforms with both
organic posts and direct response
paid ads geared towards driving
What is Social Media?
John Quinn
Quinntessential Media, LLC

Quinntessential Media